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Have you found local Ireland dating to be unsuccessful? Then it’s the right time to find something new and more efficient. Real matchmaking services are what you need now instead of Ireland dating sites that bring no results at all. We have over 2000 Slavic women seriously interested in long-lasting relationships and marriage with foreign men. Our matchmaking programs are tailored according to your needs and requirements. We do not only match people successfully but provide full-fledged support to each of the customers. You do not only receive profiles of women who match your criteria but get consultations and full assistance during the overall dating process. If you are ready to meet serious women who are interested in marriage but not endless online communication, sign up for a free and request our  consultation.

Paul from Australia shares his experience from visiting Ukraine and using our matchmaking program ( 2019)


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Dear Kate! Thanks a lot for letting me to meet a woman of my dreams! I’ve been searching a lot not only in Italy among all the women but also in Ukraine among many agencies which appear just to be a scam…
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Have you ever used Irish dating sites for free and failed? Then it’s time to find out what happened and what the reasons for not succeeding are.


1.     Free dating sites do not have a thorough verification procedure. It means that anyone can register and scammers as well. It’s no wonder you didn’t have any luck with searching on such sites.

2.     You do not pay for the services, so no claims are accepted. You cannot complain in case of having issues with other members because all the services are free and no one bears responsibility for what is going on.

3.     Free Irish dating sites contain nine fake profiles out of ten. Can you imagine that you have just one chance out of ten to communicate with a real person? The problem is you never know who you communicate with and whether this person is looking for relationships.

4.     Many people do not look for dating. The problem with free dating sites is that people can join them for different reasons and, unfortunately, relationships are not their main reason. Most users look for fun or hookup and don’t even hide their intentions, so finding someone serious on Irish dating sites for free can turn into a challenge.

5.     Too much scam. This is sad but true — scammers adore free dating sites while they can create multiple profiles, post fake pictures, and not bear any responsibility for that. Since they are not required to pay or provide their documents, they are not afraid to scam other users.

6.     No professional support. If you have issues, you cannot claim a refund even while your membership is free. Free Irish dating sites do not provide good customer support and cannot solve any of your problems or issues. As a rule, users are left face-to-face with their issues.


If you have had such issues on free dating sites, you might need to consider paid dating services or even matchmaking sites. 

If you are an Irish man looking for happiness with a woman from another country, Irish dating rules may not be good for you because the dating scene in other countries differ a bit and sometimes, significantly.

Below, we will see the differences between Irish dating rules and those in the Slavic countries. Make sure to

Irish dating rules

Slavic dating rules

·       Irish guys often do not take any steps towards asking a girl out and wait for active girls to make the first move.

·       Slavic women never make the first move even if they really like you. You will need to be really proactive and do everything for her to agree to go out with you. Your initiative is your key to success!

·       You may easily share the bills or the girls even don’t mind paying for themselves on dates.

·       Slavic women never share the bills or pay for themselves, unless it is the meeting of business partners or colleagues and a woman was an initiator of it. When having dates, a man is the one to pay the dating bills, otherwise, he is considered to be a cheapskate.

·       In Irish dating rules, women may not need flowers and courtship, in general.

·       Slavic women do not imagine dating without flowers and all types of courtship, so get ready to put in some effort when having dates.

·       Many Irish women can have a one-night stand or have intimacy on their first dates.

·       It will hardly happen with a Slavic woman, so do not even count to get to the bedroom with her on the first date. You will need to prove your attitude to her first.


This is the Irish dating scene versus the Slavic dating scene. If you plan to date women from another country, you should be aware of it. Which of the dating rules do you like more?

If you are in your 50’s, do you feel like it’s easy or difficult for you to find a life partner? How can you figure out whether the person is yours or not? Check the following dating tips for those over 50 and learn how to meet your partner on Irish dating sites for over 50.

1.     What dating sites are the best if you are over 50? – You can use any dating site for that purpose, the only important thing is to pick only reputable dating service. You might not be aware of scamming schemes and various scammers might abuse you. It is very easy to get trapped, especially if you start dating again.

2.     How and where do I meet new women over 50? – Try to stick to the following tips:

          Be realistic about your expectations. If you are over 50, there is no need to accept invitations of the girls in their 20’s even if they are very convincing. Look for the ladies in your age category and make sure the age gap is not huge.

          Create a decent profile. If you think your pictures do not matter to women, you are wrong. Of course, they are looking for your inner qualities more but the first thing they pay attention to is your picture. Pick a good natural photo and describe yourself well.

          Leave your baggage behind. When you are over 50, you naturally have a large experience in life, including past relationships and disappointments. There is no need to bring all that into your search.  Try to leave it all behind and start a new chapter in your life.

3.     How do I attract women when I am over 50? – Be yourself and don’t pretend to be younger than you are. Women at that age are not looking for youth but wisdom and maturity. When joining Irish dating sites for over 50, do everything to look great but don’t overdo. You must impress ladies by your experience and mature actions instead of trying to seem young and immature boy, especially if you are not that kind of man. Sincerely is what women need now, so give it to them. 

If you have used dating sites and always failed, it’s probably time to change something in your attitude or criteria of your search. Below, you will find some really helpful tips for modern Irish dating online. Keep reading until the end, it might change your attitude towards it.

Tip1. Be realistic

One of our most beloved tips on online dating is that you should never behave as if you are in a fairytale. If you are an average-looking, a bit bold having a beer belly guy in your 40s, it’s ridiculous to hope a 20-year-old stunning looking model will be happy to date and marry you, even if that’s what her letter says. Always remain down-to-earth and don’t think a miracle will happen and such a woman will move to your suburb to live a quiet family life after years of working as a model and living in a big city.

Tip2. Your profile matters

You pick the most attractive girls online and it’s natural while we all are attracted to beautiful pictures first. Irish dating online can be tricky but women pay attention to your photos as well. You should not remain incognito while writing to women and posting no pictures. Make sure to create a good profile and let women know the most important information about you. Don’t go into many details, this can be discussed personally.

Tip3. Pick reputable dating sites

Before choosing an Irish dating online provider, make sure to read the reviews and testimonials. Think well what you want from it – online chatting and endless messages exchange or real dates and a life partner. It is crucial to pick a service meeting your needs and expectations.  Do not let yourself get trapped, so devote thirty minutes to make your research online.

4. Tip4. Don’t forget about dating etiquette

Even though you decided to date online, sooner or later, your communicating will grow into something more and you will need to meet in person, have a real date, and, hopefully, start a relationship. Remember that a woman is always a woman even if you meet her online. Don’t forget to send her some flowers to wish her a happy birthday and be a gentleman no matter what.

Picking a good Irish dating website is not that easy. The choice online is overwhelming and it is very easy to get lost. If you want to know more about the best Irish dating sites, find out more about best-matchmaking.

Why do we claim to be the best Irish dating website:

Best-matchmaking broke through to the United States many years ago and has always been American users-oriented. However, we are now in TOP-10 Irish dating sites and are proud of it. Why did we decide to provide help to customers from Ireland? Because we had more and more customers from your country who asked for our help and we decided that too many good Irish men need real help in finding Slavic women.

Unlike the UK and Irish local matchmakers, we offer:

          Bespoke matchmaking that is tailored according to your needs, expectations, and last but not least, financial opportunities. We have matchmaking packages that suit each customer and each of the packages is discussed individually on a one-on-one consultation.

          A highly professional and responsive team. You can easily get in touch with us through our online support, email, or Skype during our working hours.

          Affordable prices. You know that matchmaking services in Ireland are not cheap at all and not everyone can afford them. We offer reasonable prices for everyone. We know how important it is to have the professional assistance of your life partner, so we start for providing it to each Irish man looking for a good match.

          Individual approach. We assist each customer on an individual basis, so you can be sure to be heard and responded to in case of having issues, concerns, or questions.

          Real-time Skype calls. We are not fans of webcam chats, so welcome to real Skype calls where you can see and talk to your lady face-to-face. You are not paid for each minute, you have a full-fledged conversation that is not different from casual everyday communication. Welcome to the world of real relationships! 

Irish matchmaking services are quite a new trend for meeting your life partner. Why do so many people choose it? Find out what professional matchmaking can offer and find answers to possible questions below.

  1. What is a real professional Ireland matchmaking? – Professional matchmaking is a pretty new way of finding your life partner. It provides an individual approach to each customer and supposes one-on-one work with your advisor.
  2. How can Irish matchmaking services differ from one another? – Of course, different matchmakers have different approaches and techniques. They can differ by their prices depending on location, quality of candidates, and principles of work. Some matchmaking services only provide services online, others are land-based while some combine both ways of rendering their services.

The Pros and Cons of Ireland matchmaking



·       Personalized approach. You only work with your matchmaker face-to-face. It is very different from joining casual dating sites where you are left face-to-face with a wide choice and make many mistakes.

Ireland matchmaking is not cheap. Matchmaker prices are much higher than those of casual dating sites. Personalized coaching and individual work cannot cost cheap. However, taking into account the result, it is worth it.

·       Personal coaching. Matter services provide persona coaching sessions to customers. For example, if you have problems in building relationships and communicating with women, your coach will teach you how to do that to succeed.

·       Miracles do not happen. Unfortunately, if you are not ready for listening to your advisor, you cannot expect good results. A matchmaker cannot date and marry instead of you and if you want to succeed, you need to follow the helpful advice of your matchmaker even if you don’t like it.

·       Professional support. When you join any dating sites, you have no idea who and how will help you if something happens or you need something. As a rule, no one helps. A matchmaker is someone who will help you in any situation no matter what happens.


·       100% results. A matchmaking service can guarantee you great results. Of course, it cannot guarantee you marriage because it depends on lots of factors but it can surely guarantee real meetings and dates with real people.


Have you ever used Ireland dating Apps or sites? Was your experience successful? If not, then check why exactly you have failed and what the difference between Ireland dating sites and apps and professional matchmaking services is.

Ireland dating Apps

Ireland dating sites

Professional matchmaking services

·       Do not require verification of identities.

·       You don’t have to provide your passport or other documents as well as women.

·       All candidates pass a thorough verification procedure.

·       Nine of ten profiles are fake

·       You never know which profiles are fake and which ones are real.

·       100% of the profiles are real.

·       People do not always look for relationships or marriage, a lot of them look for fun or just hookups.

·       Not all people are ready for serious relationships when joining dating sites, a lot of them are there just for fun.

·       All candidates who are selected by professional matchmaking services are exclusively interested in serious relationships and marriage.

·       Are free or low-cost for all members.

·       Are expensive for men but free for women.

·       All members pay for their membership almost equal fees.

·       Lots of scammers.

·       Lots of scammers.

·       Scam is excluded while everyone is verified and there is no webcam chat or pay-per-letter system.

·       Almost 0% of success

·       10% success

·       100% success


Here are the main differences between Ireland dating apps and sites and professional matchmaking services. However, professional matchmaking services cannot make wonders. They reach 100% results only thanks to their hard work and diligence. You can see what professional matchmaking includes, as well as check our testimonials to see how many people managed to find their love with the help of matchmaking.

You can choose a matchmaking service if you are ready for changes and putting some effort into your search. Unfortunately, matchmakers cannot help if you believed they can do everything for you. They are not wizards, so you can try it if you are really looking for marriage and are realistic about your needs and expectations.

Have you ever thought of dating a Slavic woman? If so, what would be the main reason for you to do it? Find out what the similarities and differences between Ireland Dating Culture and Slavic Dating Culture are below!


Ireland dating culture

Slavic dating culture


·       In Ireland, people used to date and courtship is still not dead. People meet each other, go cycling, walk in parks, etc.

·       People date each other exclusively.


·       Courtship is still a part of dating etiquette in Ireland.

·       Courtship is the main part of Slavic dating culture. Men offer flowers, chocolates, and used to conquer women.


·       People call the process “dating” only when seeing each other exclusively

·       Dating also means seeing each other exclusive in Slavic countries.


·       In Ireland, modern young people rarely date exclusively at the beginning. They meet in pubs, drink, and just go on after a couple of dates.

·       In Slavic culture, even the youngest women are more serious. They do not date multiple guys, do not meet in pubs. They are more serious and exclusive when it comes to dating. Even the earliest stages of relationships are quite serious and people do not simply have fun but consider each other as potential partners.


·       Ladies in Ireland are career-oriented.

·       Slavic women are family-oriented. Of course, modern Slavic brides are more independent and need to work hard to provide for themselves but it happens because they lack real men in their countries. Men fail to provide for their families and ladies are forced to do that and play the roles of bread-winners.


·       Women in Ireland think more of themselves.

·       Slavic women always support their husbands. This is their distinctive feature. No matter what, regardless of whether you are right or wrong, your wife will always support you.


·       In Ireland Dating culture women are more “free” and can cheat on their men, especially at the beginning of dating when they don’t consider it to be exclusive.

·       Slavic women do not divorce with good husbands. The rate of divorces in Slavic countries is high only because of men who do not work, abuse their women, cheating, and having bad habits. Slavic women are loyal and never cheat on their husbands.


Which of the dating cultures do you like more? Are you ready to try what it’s like dating a Slavic woman?